About Us

About our company

Performedia, LLC was founded as PQH Productions in 1988 by veteran network television personality and producer Peter Hackes. Originally a supplier of reality segments and programs for network and syndicated television, the company expanded in the 1990’s to produce a variety of communications and distance learning videos for a burgeoning list of corporate and association clients.

Since 2001, Performedia has been busy assisting a broad variety of industries – ranging from corporate, medical, educational, technological or association-based. Each client comes with unique needs to achieve their communication goals, and we tailor our services to fit these requirements from start to finish.

Whether you require assistance with event webcasting, corporate communication, professional training, or promotional videos, Performedia has a solution that’s right for you. We guarantee turnkey service, decades of experience, a true interest in our clients, and the goal to help you succeed in growing your business and reaching your national or global network.